Friday, January 7, 2011

A BRAND NEW YEAR...........


7/1/2011 - Looking back thru all the year had passed.. Macam-macam perasaan datang. Banyak suka duka sepanjang hidup ini terutama sejak berkahwin 7 tahun lepas. Of course there is good times. Macam-macam jugak. Tak tersenarai dan tak teringat nak tulis semuanya.

Then of course juga ada masa yang sukar nak dilupakan. Sad and low in things unexpectedly happen. However, I always pray to ALLAH, please help me in those times. KAU berkati la segalanya yang terjadi pada diri ini dan kuatkan semangatku untuk meneruskan kehidupan ini bersama-sama keluargaku...Amin.

I don't have time to thinking negative. In this new year, it about to get started. Move on forward and dont look back. Gunakan lah masa yang ada untuk semua benda yang aku harapkan. Like a quote said ' Time is what we want most, but wwe use worst'! Ohh.. i have to channel all my energy to get going. There are long list that i want to do. however do i have time to doit all... I'm not sure. But... but at least let gets it start. Then only we will see what can i do about the rest. what it is.. i don't have a guts to tell... it is better if only me that know..haha!

Finally..SALAM TO ALL AND TO MYSELF. Hope this will be my own corner that will help me throughout the year. Well....


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