Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Got new directive circular this afternoon. For me, it's just means more work to do this year. KRA bertambah point, but will i achieve it... hahaha... nobody will think so.

Suggestion... i can not even think of any solution but i also don't think that whatever i want to suggest, head of this company will not accept it without fight! We will see...starting from tomorrow.

Guys, my friends... it is also means that your works will increase. Overload...yes, just like i am. So, buddy.. suggest la kat bos hangpa recruit 20 orang lagi just to entertain our department requests.

Sorry, don't blame me... when 'you know who'.. to answer it.

p/s: You know who... teringat citer Harry Potter lak.


norh said...

tak payah la suggest tambah orang..hat banyak yg ada ni pun dah pening kepala..kami dah habaq, kalau nak resign, nak suruh dia sign surat testimoni..ha ha ha

Erani Zuhran Mohd Nor said...

betul jugak no... tambah maknanya tamabh jugak pening, tambah keja, tambah la botak kepala..

HaSue said...

huhu..kalo mcm dlm gmbr tu laa byk kerjanya..harus laa stress jer nk gi keja..hehe..

Erani Zuhran Mohd Nor said...

Keja kilang camtu la... kerja orang lain pun kekadang tolak kat kita gak.. tu yg timbun mcm bukit